At UA, we are committed to making all athletes better. We want our teammates to be inspired and challenged to improve their own health in the same ways.

That’s why we offer a range of resources to empower teammates and their family members to better their health and wellbeing. With programs like UA Well, health fairs, and on-site screenings and vaccines, we provide support that our teammates want.

Tobacco Cessation

The Quit for Life tobacco cessation program by the American Cancer Society and Optum is available at no cost to teammates, their spouses, and eligible dependents over age 18.

Fitness Benefits

UA understands how important physical activity is to total well-being. We offer teammates across the country programs to help make staying in shape easier.

  • UA50
    Full-time teammates in Baltimore have access to UA50, which is a program offering $50/month for classes and/or training sessions at an Under Armour Performance Center (UAPC) location.
  • UAFit
    Full-time teammates located outside of Baltimore are eligible for UAFit, a form of fitness reimbursement.
Teammates working in… Can receive…
Distribution Houses with a UA gym Complimentary membership to UA gym.
Locations without a UA gym $50/month maximum reimbursement for eligible fitness programs through a gym.